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Dec 28, 2012 11:00pm EST
the new town shootings. a $60 billion relief package approved for victims of hurricane sandy pass 62-32 in the senate. its fate in the senate -- in the house remains uncertain. republicans have criticized the bill for including projects they say are unrelated to hurricane sandy, such as $150 million for fisheries disasters. coming up, it is a clear night but things will be changing soon. the "storm watch forecast. plus what this unsuspecting virginia woman got instead of an ipad. >> new at 11:00, same-sex couples in maryland are counting down the hours to the new year, when they will legally be allowed to marry. we talked to a silver spring couple about their plans and why the law means so much to them. >> days away from the data have been waiting for since they met. -- the day they have been waiting for since they met. they will be one of the first couple's to wed with me same-sex marriage law takes effect new year's day. the couple will be on the eastern shore to exchange bows. >> we, were part of a pioneer of movement, just like the suffragettes. >> they will be wearing matchin
Dec 18, 2012 11:00pm EST
explored. authorities say the sandy hook principal heroically tried to stop adam lanza, but he shot and killed her. >> if a person like that was armed and trained, could they have stopped the carnage in the process? perhaps. >> others disagree. one lawman who has a grandson the same age as many of the children who died said she feels safer when he is at school. >> especially now, i think someone should be armed at all schools. >> it could be great for those who are trained to really be prepared for anything that may come, especially in the world we live in today. >> right now only law enforcement officers are allowed to bring guns to within 1,000 feet of a school. some say it should stay that way. they say what happened in connecticut is a very rare situation, and bringing guns into school could ultimately do more harm than good if they fell into the wrong hands. >> i think maybe having guns in schools would be a first solution to drop two. >> the fairfax state national rifle association put out its first statement today saying its members were heartbroken. the nra said it was prepa
Dec 17, 2012 11:00pm EST
will s except for one back up for the first time. will not open at is sandy hook. a crime scene and it be a crime scene for months. another school in a being ring down is for the sandy hook children. connecticut. an amazing scene behind you. m connecticut to the nation is e students and s achers who lost their live masacre.hool 11:00, the congressional legation came together on to honor the lives of those lost. going through indescribeable. really imagine .hat loss mourns n shares and your loss. of the house and nate from connecticut were by spiritual leaders for evening's service. the debate over gun control since the fied taken a twist tonight. been an who has for gun right is tougher regulation alone. not shootings in connecticut forever changed a nation as a catalyst for law when i will to laws. cun the man who gunned down used an assault style rifle. need assault weapons. newtown resident is on law makers to curb n violence. well three prominent gun announced they are rethinking their position on . n laws n.r.a. gave for their stance rights. e when these children wer aside the can
Dec 5, 2012 11:00pm EST
sandy. this opens up federal money to help cover any emergency work and repairs from the powerful storm. the money will be used to invest in measures to protect against future disasters. more funds to open down the road depended on further damage assessment. >> coming up, an attempted steal thousands. police say someone tried to blow up an atm machine. >> starbucks can be expensive and not. we will tell you what the company wants you to spend $400 this holiday season. on one item. >> the showdown over the fiscal cliff. a new poll suggests president obama has the american people's support when it comes to taxing the wealthy. this poll shows nearly half of those surveyed once bush eras tax cuts to expire for those making more than $250,000 a year. the poll was taken last weekend. the questions did lean more to the men -- to the democratic party. eric cantor says republicans want to sit down with the president and talk specifics. president obama spoke with business executives, calling for a balanced approach combining taxes with cuts. the president rejected a gop counter offer, which
Dec 23, 2012 11:00pm EST
the press." >> i don't understand that when that horrible monster tried to shoot his way into sandy hook school that if a good guy with a gun had been there he might have been ail to stop him. >> lapierre has drawn criticism for not talking about the possibility of gun control legislation. and we're less than 10 days away from the so-called fiscal cliff. and tonight there's no movement from either side towards the deal. congressman nick mulvaney talked about why he couldn't go with john boehner's plan b. >> i was never convinced and still not convinced that the senat was every going to take it up. people seemed to assume that all the house needed to do was pass this bill and it would be the end of the discussion. i believe from the beginning and continue to believe that the president has no interest at all in not going over the cliff. he wants to go over the cliff. >> well, as far the president, he said on friday that lawmakers needed to go home over the holidays to cool off but come back ready to make a deal. >> fire has destroyed a home that was more than a century old. the fire b
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5